An Exclusive Look Inside Samsung’s Memory Exhibit at MWC

Author : Samsung semiconductor Published Time : 2019-11-22

Samsung’s exclusive memory exhibit at MWC gave partners and visitors an in-depth view of the advancements in mobile, device and PC memory solutions. Samsung focused their displays on LP DDR, SSD, eMMC, eMCP, ePoP, memory cards and leading-edge embedded storage for smartphones and tablets. 

Each memory station held attention by showing the products underneath a magnifying glass to offer a closer look into the compact size while emphasizing the high power output and performance on the displays around them.

The LPDDR3 and the LPDDR4, LP standing for low power, were among the memory solutions highlighted within Samsung’s exhibit. The LPDDR3 and 4, which are the backbones of current mobile applications, offer faster application launch time, a boost in power efficiency, and are a combination of performance and power that can even support UHD displays. Both DRAM chips have 20nm class processors and are packaged POP and discrete. The LPDDR3 has a 23% faster application launch time than the LPDDR2, and a 73% faster email launch time. It is also 40% more power efficient than the LPDDR2. The LPDDR4, which boasts a lightning fast 3200Mbps speed is 40% more power efficient than the LPDDR3.

ePoP wearable memory is Samsung’s smallest package solution. ePoP saves PCB space, increasing design flexibility and allows for more battery capacity. ePoP has been incorporated into Samsung’s wearable devices and Gear VR.

Within Samsung’s memory cards, the PRO, PRO Plus, EVO and EVO Plus were showcased. Memory capacity ranged from 16GB/32GB/64GB memory capacity in the PRO, 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB in the EVO, 32GB/64GB in the PRO Plus and 32GB/64GB/128GB in the EVO Plus. Samsung’s newest line of memory will allow consumers to choose the best memory solution, tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

One of the most excited displays, however, came from Samsung’s SSD memory station. The T1, is the world’s first portable SSD drive, offering a sleek design and immaculate memory storage capacity of 1 Tb, as well as speed and functionality. Every valuable file can now be stored in a beautifully designed, portable SSD drive than can fit easily and discretely into a pocket.

Samsung’s Universal Flash Storage offered attendees a closer look at how the advantages of eMMC and SSD can be brought together to create the next generation of solutions within the memory ecosystem. Samsung’s UFS is fast to boot, fast to respond, fast to copy (3x faster), and will allow users 3x the multitasking capabilities.

eMCP memory helps to optimize the PCB space, offering a variety of ways to slim down mobile devices. eMCP is cost effective, boosts in-house capability, offers 40% more space efficiency and has a less seasonal effect. 

Samsung’s Memory Solutions exhibition at MWC is a true example of how a technology company is pushing the boundaries in memory innovation and keeping the consumers’ best interest in mind, while also considering design and efficiency to produce the best products available.

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