Inside the building blocks of the 5G future

Author : Samsung semiconductor Published Time : 2019-11-22

Data has become the most lucrative resource in today’s digital economy, which has surpassed oil in value. With the arrival of 5G and its related technologies, we can only expect its strategic importance to increase. Accordingly, the management and processing of data in the new era of connectivity will be a critical issue for every organization and enterprise.

In this second installment of a two-part series (see here for part 1), we will explore Samsung’s memory solutions for the 5G era.

Transforming Data Centers

With increased data transfer speed, 5G will catalyze an exponential growth in the volume of digital data. The result is a boost in the demand for high-capacity data centers.

Samsung’s industry-leading portfolio of datacenter SSD provides solutions that can cater to varied needs. With sequential write speed up to 520MB/s and random write speed up to 29K IOPS, the SM883 delivers fast, reliable performance in the data center. The PM1643a is a high-capacity 2.5-inch Dual-Port SAS 12G SSD with up to 30.72TB of storage, while the PM983 offers tremendous performance for read-intensive data centers in a small form factor. Embedded with PCIe Gen3, PM983 can achieve up to 570K IOPS in random read and 3,300 MB/s in sequential read speed.

To help customers keep up with the growing data demand, Samsung has continued to expand its SSD portfolio by launching the PCIe Gen4-enabled PM1733 SSD. Compared to PCIe Gen3 SSDs such as PM1723b, PM1733 offers nearly double the throughput capabilities, making it the SSD with outstanding performance on the market today. 
With edge computing networks set to arrive, Samsung is also providing Industrial SSD, which can operate in extreme temperature environments ranging from -40°C to 85°C.

Next-Level Computing Power

The arrival of 5G will be accompanied by new technologies in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and IoT. Whether its 5G-enabled multimedia experiences or self-driving cars, the new era of mobile network will require greater data processing power in every device.

Meeting the technological needs in the 5G era will require greater computing power. Samsung offers a wide range of proven DRAM module solutions, including RDIMM and LRDIMM, that are meticulously engineered to provide astounding performance and power efficiency. The 8GB HBM Aquabolt perfectly embodies the balance between power efficiency. It offers around 1024 I/O with 2.4Gbps per pin speed at 1.2V, while consuming approximately 20 percent less power than its predecessor. 
With the launch of 12Gb LPDDR5, which is optimized for 5G and AI capabilities in future smartphones, Samsung is setting a new standard for the next-generation mobile memory solution.

Samsung Z-SSD, the Z-NAND based low-latency SSD, is designed specifically to handle artificial intelligence (AI) workloads, high-performance computing (HPC) workloads, and IoT analytics. Compared to other leading NVMe SSD such as PM963, Z-SSD offers roughly 5 times lower latency at 20 microseconds. It contains Z-NAND chips with cell read speed around 10x faster than ordinary NAND chips, making it the ideal solution for advanced applications in the 5G era.

Unlocking the Power of 5G

The arrival of 5G is set to open a new chapter in mobile and digital technology. As a leader in memory solutions, Samsung will continue to offer cutting-edge technologies to realize the potential of the next mobile network.

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